Bloggers Beware of Demand Media’s Demand for Ownership · Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

Way back in 2006, I accepted an invitation to enroll this blog in something called the BlogBurst Network. It described itself as “a syndication service that places blogs on top-tier online destinations.” Those destinations included several major newspapers, such as the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Gate and the Washington Post. While I would retain ownership of my posts, I had to agree to give BlogBurst a “perpetual license to reproduce, distribute, make derivative works of” my posts.I don’t remember whether I gave it much thought. I enrolled and then pretty much forgot about it. Whether any of my posts were ever picked up through BlogBurst, I can’t say.Recently, I received notice that Demand Media had acquired BlogBurst and that I would have to take action to migrate my account. “With the power of Demand Media Studios, we are offering a new platform to help great bloggers like you be even more impactful and successful,” said this new invitation. “Whether your goals are building your online brand, driving more traffic to your blog, or positioning yourself as an industry expert, the Demand Media Blog Distribution Network can help.”

via Bloggers Beware of Demand Media’s Demand for Ownership · Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites.


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